Golden sunrise  clouds and rising sun in blue sky above sea and waves, fall, Atlantic Ocean; Falkland Islands


After the Fukushima disaster, the Pacific Ocean and all of its marine life, including the seaweed used for fucoidan extract, has been polluted with large amounts of radioactive waste.  Among all fucoidan supplements available, very few have shared the source of their extract and even what type of fucoidan is used in their supplement, with the public. These brands obviously have something to hide and should be avoided.  FucoSorb will only harvest Organic seaweed for its Fucoidan from the radiation-free waters of the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the best quality product on the market to date.

After all, a Fucoidan supplement is used for health purposes and should not be causing further harm to the body with radiation exposure.


We manufacture FucoSorb on site in the USA, in our own state of Florida, allowing for complete control of the entire manufacturing process. In our laboratories, the highly skilled members of our Quality Control Unit, utilize modern, sophisticated technologies to test incoming raw materials. We monitor the manufacturing processes, perform in-process testing, and examine all finished product prior to their release for shipment. Please refer to the below flow chart to see our process in-depth.

From the first day our Fucoidan is plucked from the Atlantic Ocean until our extract ends up at your door, our mantra will always consist of innovation and quality, and you can count on that.

manufact chart