What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a complex polysaccharide made up of fucose and other important elements that - when taken in the right dosage and absorbed properly-- can boost your immune system and increase your body's overall health and well being. Fucoidan exists in different kinds of brown seaweed which go through an extraction process; resulting in a powder, pill, or liquid extract.

 What are the health benefits of fucoidan?

Fucoidan helps defend the body by acting as an extreme immune system booster. Fuciodan's health benefits are many, this heavily-researched compound can promote overall health and healing. Please refer to Pubmed and Science Direct  to view scientific databases that contain articles and studies on the numerous health benefits of fucoidan, as well as other information related to fucoidan.

 What is the extraction process?

The extraction process is how the seaweed is purified. During this process, the seaweed is dried, grounded into a powder extract and encapsulated or added to a liquid solution. The extraction process will vary from producer to producer, but FucoSorb’s extraction process uses a method of sun-drying the wakame-seaweed, rehydrating it, and creating an extract from the gel-like coating on the seaweed, which contains the most significant amount of fucoidan compared to other parts of the seaweed. The fucoidan is standardized at 45 percent, a standardization that prevent the over-breakage of fucoidan polymers and ensures the high potency. 

 How should FucoSorb™ be taken?

When compared to other products, the recommended dosage of FucoSorb™ is much lower. This is because the quality of fucoidan used in FucoSorb™ is stronger and much more absorbable than other fucoidan supplements. As such, the recommended dosage varies depending on your reason for taking a fucoidan supplement. Take 2 to 4 capsules 1 to 3 times daily with or without food or as recommended by a health care practitioner.

 Who can take Fucoidan?

It is safe for anyone, of any age, to take Fucoidan, particularly those who are looking to boost their immune system. The dosage for children should be taken in reference to their body weight. Because FucoSorb ™ is a 100% natural product, it does not cause any significant side effects in most people and is safe to take with most medications. Fucoidan is safe for the vast majority of people to take, but it is always wise to consult a physician before starting any new medication or herbal supplement regimen.

 Is FucoSorb™ safe from Pacific Ocean radiation contamination?

FucoSorb is harvested from Wakame seaweed that grows in the Atlantic Ocean. As one of the only manufacturers that only harvest Atlantic-grown seaweed, FucoSorb™ is one of the few fucoidan supplements a 100% guaranteed to be free from the radiation caused by the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

 Should I be concerned about FucoSorb’s iodine content?

FucoSorb™ uses fucoidan from the wakame seaweed (Undaria Pinnatifida). This seaweed contains only .042mg of iodine per gram, or 20 to 50 ppm. One capsule of FucoSorb™ contains 400mg of U. pinnatifida derived fucoidan – meaning you will get about .021mg of iodine per capsule. The recommended daily value for iodine is .150 mg, though the U.S. National Academy of Sciences lists the maximum tolerable level of iodine intake as 1.1mg of iodine per day. To surpass this amount, you would have to take over 50 capsules of FucoSorb™ a day. Unless you are already suffering from hyperthyroidism -- or if you already have a lot of iodine in your diet -- FucoSorb is perfectly safe to be taken on a daily basis. Additionally, iodine is needed within the body to function properly and FucoSorb’s small iodine content can help supply your body with a daily intake of iodine.

 Is Fucoidan safe for long term use?

Fucoidan has been shown to be safe for long term use. There have been no reports of toxicity when it’s taken at the recommended dosage. It can be taken in conjunction with other medications and should be taken as part of a daily regimen along with other vitamins or supplements.